Are you looking for an effective solution to erectile dysfunction (ED)? You might have heard about prostate massage therapy for the same. But you may not be clear whether or not you should try prostate massage for ED. 

That is why this blog will take a closer look at prostate massage for erectile dysfunction performed through a prostate massager medical device. Keep reading to learn more.

Further, if you are active, healthy, and inclined toward sex, ED will be a big problem for you. You won’t be able to be as intimate with your partner as you want. Therefore, you should have a solution that really works for you. But first of all, let’s know ED below. 

Erectile Dysfunction

ED is when you are not able to have an erection in your private organ. Also, you are not able to keep the organ hard for a long time to enjoy sex.

This health issue can be diagnosed with many symptoms. The symptoms may include difficulty getting hard, difficulty maintaining an erection, inability to last longer in the bed, and inability to reach orgasm as your partner wants.

There can be many reasons for this health issue, including stress, depression, injury, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, and alcohol use.

What is a prostate massage for erectile dysfunction?

After knowing ED, you will want to know about prostate massage that is performed through a prostate massager medical device. 

Prostate massage therapy is used to treat ED in conjunction with other treatment options. The primary goal of the therapy is to contract the prostate, which will ultimately release prostatic fluid and semen. 

A tool or a lubricated finger with gloves is used during the therapy process to stimulate the prostate. Tissues that are found around the prostate are gently massaged.       

One may need to take the therapy two or three times a week for a period of one to two months. You may experience pain or discomfort during the release of prostatic fluid based on your current health condition.   

More about prostate massage therapy for ED

You face issues with your erection due to the restricted pelvic area. When you get prostate massage therapy, it improves blood flow in your entire body and allows your penis to function normally. During the massage, all the backed-up fluid gets cleared from the prostatic ducts. 

There is more to learn about prostate massage for ED. This also helps you with your ED by repairing nerve damage in the groin and prostate areas that prevent infections. 

In addition to help you with your orgasms and sexual performance, prostate massage takes care of your overall health. 

How can you get prostate massage therapy?

To get this therapy, you will need to find a healthcare professional who offers this kind of therapy. For instance, you can look for a healthcare provider such as  a urologist, sexologist, and prostate massage therapist. 

Before you finalize a professional, you must ensure if they have expertise in prostate massage therapy for ED. Kindly note that you may not be able to take advantage of your health insurance for prostate massage. So, you also need to prepare for it financially. 

How you can start prostate massage therapy with your partner

If you don’t want to go alone for the therapy, you can consult your partner for the same. So, before you proceed with a prostate massage, you should properly communicate with your partner.

In order to get started, kindly ensure that the prostate area is clean. Also, you need to confirm if your finger or tool is medically safe and disinfected. 

After all, if you are uncomfortable with the treatment, you should visit a professional.  


That’s all. This is what you need to know about prostate massage therapy for erectile dysfunction that is performed through a prostate massager medical device

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