How to Cure Scleroderma with Home Remedies?

The disease that causes the skin’s connective tissues to tighten and thicken is known medically as scleroderma. Many scleroderma patients experience extreme discomfort and self-consciousness.  The signs of this condition include weariness, dry mouth, and itchy, stiff, and dry skin on the hands and face. Because it is an autoimmune condition, each individual will experience […]

Everything you should know about Scleroderma

Scleroderma is a relatively rare and challenging disease. About 75,000 to 100,000 people in the U.S. suffer from this disease. It affects women more often than men, especially those who are between 30 and 50. It can also become  a severe condition that shortens life expectancy, causes physical pain, and results in disability.  Due to […]