Magofon-01 Device used for the treatment of gynecological diseases in physiotherapy units in the period from 05/15/2001 on 1/12/2001.

The treatment of 56 patients has been in the following nosologic forms:

Group I: inflammatory diseases of female genital mutilation – 33 people. Group II: violation of menstrual function – 12 people. Group III: Infertility – 7 people. Group IV: postoperative infiltrates – 4 people.

Treatment of patients in group I was conducted between the remitting of acute process, and in patients with acute exacerbation of chronic process indicators of blood – white blood cells less than 8.0 ’109. Treatment by Magofon-01 device was conducted by acting on the anterior abdominal wall in the projection area of female genital mutilation. All the women of this group completed the full course of treatment and 8 women – 2 courses.

Results of treatment: after 3 procedures, pain disappeared in 11 women in the other – after 5-6 treatments. Subjectively marked the improvement in health.

Physical examination. When viewed Edema appendages encapsulation of infiltration. When you study the blood after the first course of treatment was a decrease of leukocytosis, ESR. In 3 patients after 3 treatments has come a slight aggravation of the process, which took place at the end of treatment. It was pointed out, if you start treatment in the acute period of not waiting stihaniya acute process, the results were worse, the pain disappeared later and sometimes amplified. It follows that the application of the Magofon-01 device in these cases does not provide the maximum effect, as in the acute phase of the inflammatory process involved and the surrounding tissue, and requires an additional co-application of medicine. One patient of this group immediately after the first procedure appeared chills, headache, and vomiting. The next day it was decided to repeat the procedure. All the symptoms of intolerance to exposure Magofon-01 device repeated. In elucidating the causes of these symptoms, it was established that the patient had a history of arachnoiditis. This implies that patients suffering from some disease of the central origin cannot be treated Magofon.

Group II – patients suffering from various forms of menstrual function – 12 people, including 2 girls 15 years old suffering from juvenile bleeding. All came to the hospital with complaints of bleeding. Blood tests have not changed in 4 patients had low hemoglobin – from 70 to 90 grams per liter.

Magofon-01 device was used on the first day of finding women in the hospital. Treatment device was conducted by acting on the anterior abdominal wall in the projection area of female genital mutilation.

Result: The bleeding gradually decreased by the end of the first treatment device.

In group III were patients suffering from infertility is from 3 to 6 years old. These were mainly patients with tubal infertility, which have arisen against a background of previously deferred inflammatory processes in the appendages, resulting in a pipe become impassable with the formation of adhesive processes – dense inflammatory pipes. Exposure of Magofon-01 device was performed on the anterior abdominal wall in the area of the projection of the appendages and pipes in your passport procedure.

After applying the Magofon-01 device in an objective examination indicated softening of the appendages, which allowed further manipulate the pipes to restore their patency.

IV guppies patients – post-operative infiltrates: skin sutures, infiltrates in the pelvis – 4 people. The impact of the device was conducted on the area of infiltration.

Infiltrated the seam after applying Magofon pale, faded swelling and pain. Internal infiltrates disappeared or decreased after 3-5 procedures, removes pain, improved well-being.

Conclusion: the device Magofon-01 has a wide range of applications in the treatment of exacerbations of chronic gynecological diseases, and may be recommended to treat them not only in hospitals but also at home on the recommendation of the gynecologist.

V.G.Chikin, T.Gamayunova

Ryazan State Medical University named after Acad. I.P.Pavlov

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