By large, we do not care how we heal, whether it is a tablet, an injection, a folk remedy, physical therapy, or they do everything together. The main thing is to choose a treatment method in which an optimal combination will be the time and improve the quality of the illness, its treatment and the cost-effect, which is reflected in the effect of treatment on other currently healthy system.

For the treatment of chronic prostatitis, we offer the most effective in the present moment and at the same time most of the least traumatic to the body non-surgical comprehensive treatment: medication + physiotherapy. Its meaning is as follows. Physiotherapy medical, gently acts on the body and has the least side effects. If figuratively to represent all treated as a squadron, the drugs – it speedboats (action develops quickly, but not for long) and physiotherapy – cruisers, less high-speed, but crushing (effect develops slowly, but thoroughly). In addition, physical therapy enhances (potentiates) the effect of drugs, which are taken on its background. It provides an opportunity to reduce the number of necessary medicines (respectively – the number of their harmful effects on our liver, kidneys, heart, etc.), and eventually abandon them altogether. Let’s see how this happens, because without understanding the operating principle of the treatment, a person can never become the master of your health.
The principle of the therapeutic effect of the magnetic field The magnetic field acts on our organism at the molecular level. When the effect of magnetic pulses on the body portion in the capillaries amplified oscillatory motion of erythrocytes and plasma proteins. Against this background, in the organs and tissues of the impacts of changing the state of diseased cells: improving their nutrition, accelerate the excretion of waste products. As a result – activates the metabolism, dissolves swelling, relieves inflammation, recovery begins first diseased tissue, then the patient’s body.
PEMF Magnetic field – not a pill, not an injection, it activates the body’s own defenses, which for some reason was not enough, once the disease has entered into its own. The magnetic field causes the structure of our own – molecules, cells – to wake up and begin to actively expel all alien and harmful. Accelerates metabolism at the cellular and tissue levels. That is why on a background magnetic therapy enhanced the effect of drugs, they begin to work better.
The principle of the therapeutic effect of thermal treatments Heat effect at the tissue level. In cells activated by the formation of biologically active substances (proteins) that stimulate the metabolic and regenerative processes. Some block the transmission of the pain impulse. This is the analgesic effect of heat. The therapeutic effect is based on the direct effect of heat on the smooth muscles of blood vessels, which leads to the expansion of the lumen of the capillaries and increased blood flow in diseased tissues. Increases the metabolic rate, the filtration process, lymphatic drainage. It mobilizes the body accelerates the elimination of accumulated products of inflammation.
Thermotherapy can be used together with folk remedies and drug therapy, furthermore improve blood circulation allows us to achieve a greater concentration of the drug in the diseased organ, deliver it in the most affected areas. Thus, the effectiveness of drug treatment is increased without increasing the total dose of drug and therefore its adverse effects.
Physiotherapy treatments for prostate  Recognized methods of physiotherapy treatment of chronic prostatitis are heat (hyperthermia), the magnetic field and massage. For example, hyperthermia of the prostate through the rectum is part of the international therapeutic standards. Proved that maintain tissue temperature at 40-45 0C them improves blood circulation and stimulates local immunity. Local effects on the prostate magnetic field has anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and trophic-regenerative effect. Stimulation of the contractility of the muscles of the prostate and pelvic floor, which gives massage restores their tone and contributes to the normal discharge of detachable gland, the so-called “prostatic secretion” that it is important to eliminate stagnation and reduce the irritation of the lower urinary tract.
Unfortunately, not all doctors, urologists give due attention to physical therapy treatments, which is a pity – they are missing a great opportunity: physiotherapy, except that it is curative in itself, enhances the therapeutic effect of drugs that are better absorbed and act fast! In such a case one way out: You, as the person most interested in improving their condition, should take the initiative and ask your doctor prescribe medication in addition to physiotherapy.Physiotherapy device MAVIT Department of Urology at the Ryazan State Medical University several years ago developed a portable physiotherapy MAVIT for complex treatment of chronic diseases of the prostate, in the home. This device provides simultaneous effects on the prostate three physical factors: magnetic field, heat and microvibration!Interesting results of studies using the device held in urological clinics in Russia. Here are excerpts. “In the clinical group consisted of 9 patients with chronic bacterial prostatitis, occurring against the backdrop of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) I stage, aged 30 to 73 years, with disease duration, equal to an average of 4-6 years. Two patients had a history of acute urinary retention place, two patients complained of erectile dysfunction. Patients were assigned to receive MAVIT device, which consisted of 7-9 treatments. Treatment were carried out in the treatment of chronic nonspecific prostatitis, which provides for the appointment prostatectomy antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Efficiency of complex treatment of chronic prostatitis in this group evaluated the results of clinical and laboratory studies, taken as a standard.
The results showed that the patients tolerated the impact MAVIT was good, without any discomfort and discomfort. Two months after combined treatment in all patients the total I-PSS score decreased by an average of 3.2 points, the index assessing the quality of life of patients has decreased, on average, by 0.8 points, which indicates an improvement in their health. The maximum volumetric flow rate of urine increased after treatment by an average of 25.0 ml at the maximum value of this index before treatment to 36.4 ml. The number of nighttime urination fell from an average of 1.4 times. Erections recovered in one case, otherwise improved. The positive dynamics of inflammatory processes in the prostate gland according marked as physical examination, and laboratory data on. In particular, the rate of white blood cells in the prostate secretion decreased by an average of 88.2% and averaged 8.38. When subjective evaluation expressed by the patients themselves, the effect of treatment was recognized as “excellent” in three patients (intensive index is 33.35%), “good” six patients (intensive index is 66.65%). ” City Clinical Hospital № 11, Ryazan.
“When bacterial prostatitis MAVIT device used in combination with antibacterial drugs, while antibacterial prostatitis – as an independent method of treatment. Tolerability was good, no discomfort in patients have been identified. Under the influence of the treatment in 16 patients achieved a good result, and at 7 – satisfactory. Noted the disappearance or reduction of pain and dysuria were normalized or improved data palpation of the prostate, laboratory, ultrasound and urodynamic studies. Eight patients noted improvement and intensification of spontaneous and adequate erections. ” City Clinical Hospital №50, urology department, Moscow.
Patients core group preparing for transurethral resection planned the prostate (TURP). During the preoperative preparation, all patients received anti-inflammatory drugs, non-specific immunomodulators, fortifying agents, physiotherapy device MAVIT. The course consisted of 7-10 treatments lasting 30 minutes, running every other day. Examination of patients, conducted before and after preoperative preparation, showed a positive dynamic of clinical indicators: in all patients decreased residual urine volume by an average of 70 ml, increased the rate of urination from an average of 8.28 ml / s to 10.66 ml / s. Wellness and objectively recorded by clinical improvement allowed the 4th patient refused surgical treatment for BPH.
 Uronefrologichesky center of Ryazan.  “Patient S. 74 years enrolled in the urology department of our clinic with a diagnosis of benign prostatic hyperplasia stage II for surgery. On admission complained of frequent urination (up to 4 per night), the presence of urgency, the weakening of the urine stream, feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder, aching pain in the perineum and above the vagina patients consider themselves to be 5 years old when he began to celebrate the frequent urge to urinate and weakening of the urine stream. Took medication for a long time without significant effect. The patient was a complete urological examination, the results of which exhibited diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia stage II, chronic abacterial prostatitis collateral. The patient was appointed anti-inflammatory drug therapy and physiotherapy treatment device MAVIT: 10 procedures in a day, the duration of one session of 30 minutes. The course of treatment lasted for 20 days. As a result of treatment, the patient noted a significant improvement in well-being, increased pressure jet of urine. No pain, feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder, decreased the number of nighttime urination from 4 to 1. The examination revealed that the amount of residual urine in this patient decreased from 96 to 8 ml, which corresponds to stage I disease. Thus, given the objective of research data and health of the patient, the need for surgery has disappeared. ” Department of Urology at the Medical University them. Pavlova, Ryazan.
“Creating MAVIT device for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the prostate is definitely a step forward from the medicine to the patient. It takes into account not only the medical aspects of treatment of the patient, but also the desire to make this treatment is the most secure, affordable and convenient. ” Full member of the European Association of Urology, a board member of the Russian Society of Urology, MD, Associate Professor BN Zhiborev Thus, with the advent of devices MAVIT problems were solved physio-therapeutic factors dosed directly to the prostate gland, which enhances the effect of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs. This is due to improved blood circulation and improve the access of drugs into cancer.Little time has passed since then, when the diagnosis of “chronic prostatitis”, “prostate adenoma” sounded like a death sentence for a man. Today we have a significant arsenal of agents for the treatment of these diseases. Quite a large role in this arsenal assigned to devices such as MAVIT provided a combination treatment with a set of preventive measures, consisting of: a healthy, active lifestyle, regular sex life, full and varied diet, training exercises and bracing, if necessary, physical therapy, timely treatment Infectious diseases of other organs. One of the main advantages MAVIT is that the patient can carry out physiotherapy at home (at a convenient time and in a more comfortable environment than, for example, in the clinic), showing the doctor to check.

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