Water which has been subjected to an electromagnetic magnetic field has unusual properties, it becomes structured. The idea of magnetic water belongs to Dr. EV Utekhin. He proved that the magnetized water is biologically active and can therefore have a therapeutic effect. The positive results of the use of magnetic water with curative effect in our country have been identified in the early 60s. The study of this issue is now engaged young Science – magneto-biology. And a certain position of the dipoles of water molecules in a magnetic field along the field lines will be maintained, thus making the water more structured and orderly. Upon exposure to water, the magnetic field becomes magnetized water is more structured than regular water. It increases the rate of crystallization and chemical reactions of solutes. Intensify the process of adsorption, coagulation of impurities and improves their loss in the sediment. After exposure to water magnetic (electromagnetic) field water becomes more structured than ordinary water. Exposure to a magnetic field to water influences the behavior of the impurities present in it. It is possible biological effects of water on structured body due to the fact that the channels of cell membranes of tissue passed structured water molecules with increased speed of the fact that the regular structure of the water itself resembles a regular structure of the cell membrane – highly structured organelles. The structure of the magnetic water helps it faster and easier to penetrate cells and act on it. It has antibacterial properties, cleanses the blood vessels of foreign proteins, reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood and liver, increases metabolism, promotes soft fragmentation of gallstones and kidney regulates blood pressure and increases the tone of the body and stimulates the immune system, cell regeneration. We can help you to achieve results like these. Only 20 minutes on Almag-01 PEMF device and 2 liter bottle becomes structured water with healing properties. After treating one gallon of Poland Springs water this is what my Chicken bouillon looks like. It is filling and tastes very soft not to mention medicinal properties. ELECTROMAGNETIC DEVICES AND THEIR IMPACT ON WATER: STRUCTURED WATERLove Yourself – Be Healthy  

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