ALMAG-2, VERS. 2: Portable PEMF Therapy Device


Therapeutic effect of this tPEMF device is associated with low-frequency low intensity pulsed electro magnetic field. ALMAG®-02 results have been proved by clinical tests and long…


Buy PEMF therapy device ALMAG®-02 and say goodbye to your chronic pain

PEMF devices use low-frequency, low-intensity electromagnetic impulses to treat the affected areas and restore the normal functioning of various internal organs. The multiple clinical tests have proven that ALMAG®-02 is effective as a supplementary treatment for patients both in a hospital and at home. The list of diseases that Portable PEMF therapy can help you manage includes but not limited to:

  • Coxarthrosis
  • Polyarthritis
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Vascular-related edemas
  • Cystitis
  • Varicose veins

To see the results, it is enough to use the device for at least thirty minutes a day.

What are the therapeutic effects of ALMAG®-02

The Russian Federation Ministry of Health has conducted numerous clinical trials of ALMAG®-02. As a result, it was proven that the pulsed electromagnetic field:

  1. recovers the cell membrane permeability;
  2. normalizes the diffusive and osmotic processes inside the cells;
  3. increases the speed of the enzymatic reaction;
  4. normalizes the transport properties of the biological membrane;
  5. accelerate the healing processes within the body;
  6. strengthens the immune system;
  7. tones the internal organs;
  8. increases performance efficiency;
  9. relieves pain;
  10. promotes good sleep;
  11. normalizes the mood swings;
  12. expands the capillary.

For patients who have coxarthrosis or polyarthritis, ALMAG®-02 can help:

  1. relieve pain;
  2. stop inflammation;
  3. restore normal body circulation;
  4. recover normal metabolic processes in the hip joint;
  5. enhance the overall mobility;
  6. improve the quality of life;
  7. avoid the joint replacement surgery.

If you have varicose veins, Portable PEMF therapy can help you:

  1. relieve the pain;
  2. soothe the muscles to prevent spasms;
  3. reduce inflammation;
  4. decrease the risk of thrombus formation;
  5. disperse the swelling;
  6. heal trophic ulcers;
  7. reduce the pressure in the deep and subcutaneous veins;
  8. increase the vascular wall tone;
  9. improve the elasticity of blood vessels.

In case of atherosclerosis, ALMAG®-02 can:

  1. improve memory and concentration;
  2. reduce fatigue and irritability;
  3. normalize the cardiac function;
  4. relieve the “cold limbs” syndrome.

In patients with cystitis, Portable PEMF therapy has been proven to help with:

  1. increasing the tone of bladder and sphincter;
  2. relieving the pain;
  3. eliminating the burning sensation during urination;
  4. reducing the amount of retained urine in the bladder;
  5. reducing the time between the urges to urinate.
The diversity of Almag-02 set-up options (79 programs) makes it an excellent solution for PEMF Device for animals, including racehorses. With this device, vets and trainers can treat various equine conditions, reaping the benefits of high-quality electromagnetic care. It doesn’t restrict drug options, though, meaning that it can be paired with traditional medications for better treatment results. You can take a more in-depth look at how Almag-02 has been recently used to treat muscle myalgia, tendonitis, hoof cracks, and other problems in horses by reading this report.

Technical features of ALMAG®-02

Peak induction value on the emitter indutor surfaces
  1. for «travelling field» type:
    • the primary emitter and flexible emitting linear: from 2 to 25 mT;
  2. for «stationary field» type:
    • the primary emitter and flexible emitting linear: from 2 to 6 mT;
    • for local emitter: from 2 to 45 mT.
Pulse repetition frequency of the magnetic field

For the primary emitter and flexible emitting linear:

  1. for «travelling field» type:
    • from 1 pps to 75 pps at 25 mT induction;
    • from 1 pps to 100 pps at 2-20 mT induction;
  2. for «stationary field» type:
    • from 1 pps to 16 pps at 2-6 mT induction;
  3. for local emitter:
    • from 1 pps to 50 pps at 34-45 mT induction;
    • from 1 pps to 100 pps at 2-30 mT induction.
Package contents
  1. Option 1
    • Primary emitter – 1 pc.
    • Flexible emitting linear – 1 pc.
  2. Option 2
    • Primary emitter – 1 pc.
    • Flexible emitting linear – 1 pc.
    • Local emitter – 1 pc.

Why you should buy ALMAG®-02

ALMAG®-02 is an innovative wellness device for intensive treatment of complex disorders. It includes 79 programs – each carefully designed to target specific diseases and organs. Programming the device is very simple. All you have to do is press a button. The device comes with three types of low-frequency emitters that allow treating several areas simultaneously. ALMAG®-02 is effective at any stage – whether it is an acute or chronic disease. It can be used both in hospitals and at home. ALMAG-02 price is listed above. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to contact us at any time.


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