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Whether you’re a first-year student in the prime of life or a golden-ager, it’s more than likely that you have already experienced back pain first-hand. We’ve all been there trying to straighten up not to look round-shouldered. And most of us have been paralyzed by pain in the lower back at least once when getting up. Not the best feeling, right? Fortunately, it can be successfully prevented or relieved in the vast majority of cases, no matter your age. To this end, you need to be aware of back pain causes and available therapies.

When you experience dull aching or stabbing sensations in the lower back, it’s strained muscles, arthritis, or osteoporosis that are most often to blame. In addition to growing discomfort in the affected area, they may lead to tingling and sciatica in your legs. These conditions can make movement extremely painful, which is why they need to be addressed once noticed.

Lumbar disk disease is another major cause of back pain. Think of this disk as a sponge between vertebrae that serves to help your spine carry the loads applied to it. Like a shock absorber in running shoes, it reduces the pressure on your nerves, making for the normal flexibility and movement.

Lumbar disks are filled with plenty of fluid to fulfil their cushioning functions. With age, it tends to dry out, leading to degenerative changes in the vertebrae and other spinal segments. The lumbar disk then cracks or ruptures, and your back starts hurting.

Most effective back pain treatment options

A physiotherapist is giving a massage to relieve back pain

After figuring out the cause of your discomfort, it’s important to outline the symptoms to come up with the right treatment. Thus, lumbar disk deterioration is often packed with:

Does anything ring a bell to you? If you’ve just wordlessly nodded, you should not resign yourself to suffering. There are many types of therapy for back pain today, with a variety of traditional and complementary options. Here are the best of them:

How to relieve back pain and steer clear of an operating table?

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The surefire way to make your back pain-free is through the use of pulsed energy waves as part of PEMF therapy. It works by sending low-frequency electromagnetic fields to the damaged lumbar disk and surrounding tissues to trigger the healing in cells. It also affects pain signals and how your brain responds to them. Although this therapy can hardly fix the deteriorated disk, it will bring temporary to complete back pain relief and stimulate your body to repair itself without surgery.

Most patients describe the effects of PEMF therapy as immediate and tout it for its convenience of use. As you’re not required to have the expert knowledge to receive it, you can benefit from the healing power of magnetic fields even on your commute. PEMF devices are easy-to-operate and suitable for at-home applications.

Of all our machines, Almag-01 is a must-try one for lumbar disk disease treatment and pain control. It’s a perfect choice to deal with lower back problems, especially when combined with physical therapy. If you think it’s not for you, then Almag+ definitely is. As the upgraded device, it features 3 modes of operation and makes you forget about back pain in a split second.

To reduce inflammation and restore mobility, you can also opt for Almag-02 with 79 different programs to choose from. Rest assured that you will feel your best as soon as a couple of 20-minute stimulation sessions are received!

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