By: DR. William Pawluk

The body does not exist outside a magnetic environment, and it never has – even from the embryo stage of a human’s development. All biology on planet Earth is completely, entirely dependent on the Earth’s natural magnetic fields. The Earth is our natal mother in more ways than we know. We are forever dependent upon our “Magnetic Mother.” Only astronauts leave the Earth’s magnetic field—albeit temporarily.

How are we dependent?

From the very beginning of life – intrauterine and planetary – our cells grew in a complex planetary magnetic field system. We can’t leave home without it. The Earth’s magnetic fields comprise:

Earth’s overall DC field – with field lines existing north to south, emanating from the magnetic north and south poles.
Rocks under our feet – as you walk about on the surface of the planet, there are continuing changes in field strength entering the body from under your feet.

Schumann resonances – caused by lightning storms and much more complex than a single resonance of 8.3Hz, ranging from about 1Hz to 50Hz or more.
Geomagnetic storms/solar flares/coronal discharges coming in through the Polar Regions into the planetary ecosphere.
Fields created by the rotation of the planet and variations in the ground level fields caused by tectonic plate movements and the magma in the Earth’s core– animals sense changes in these just before an earthquake.
Telluric currents on the surface of the planet.
Cosmic radiation moving into and through the planet’s environment.
In recent history, the man-made EMFs surrounding us daily, especially in cities.
Due to the non-constant magnetic field of the Earth, currents are induced in a human body in motion. Up to 4 microamperes per square meter occur with exercises such as bending or rotation of the arm and up to 15 microamperes per square meter when travelling at 100 km/hr (about 62mph). These induced currents change at a rate between 0Hz and 10Hz. These induced currents are extremely important to life and human functioning. We routinely see that when people stop moving around, they lost muscle mass, vitality, and function. This gives new meaning to the phrase, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”

Space program managers and astronauts now understand that being out in space causes more issues with body functioning than just the loss of gravity. Research where the earth’s magnetic fields are suppressed is showing that big changes happen without the background field in which we have developed. Should there ever be a pole reversal, there would be a significant effect on biology – it would not be pleasant, but not irreversible either. There have been pole reversals in the Earth’s past. Examination of the polarization of rocks and sediments in the Earth’s sea floor has shown these events.

Based on measurements of the Earth’s magnetic field taken since about 1850, some paleomagnetists estimate that the field will decay in about 1,300 years. However, the field is actually higher than it has been for most of the last 50,000 years and the current decline could reverse at any time. Even if Earth’s magnetic field is beginning a reversal, it would still take several thousand years to complete. They are inevitable in the geologic future, too. When the next one will happen is unknown. Nevertheless, when it happens, the effects on humanity and biology will be significant, although probably temporary as our physiology adjusts. Animal studies with magnetic polarity reversals showed only temporary disruptions in behavior, as the animals adjusted to the reversals.

Earth’s Basic DC field

The Earth’s basic magnetic field is oriented longitudinally, north to south, as would be expected of any bar magnet. The Earth’s magnetic field is weakest generally at the equatorial region, and strongest in the Polar Regions. How the Earth’s magnetic field is produced is still subject to speculation.

One of the major uses by life on the planet of this natural, totally-enveloping field is for navigation. Animals and humans innately and subconsciously use this field and its “field lines” for navigation and spatial orientation. The primary senses are most dominant but humans have a magnetic sense as well, which has been found to affect dowsing abilities and directional orientation in the dark. Humans and animals have been found to have natural magnetite (iron crystals) in the brain and other tissues that sense magnetic field changes.

The Earth’s “static” or DC background field is important in considering magnetic therapy with static magnets. Since the overall background field averages 0.5 G, and penetrates completely throughout our bodies, any magnet with field strength below this will not be expected to be active. The magnetic field strength of a static magnet decreases with distance from its surface and once the field drops to or below the ambient background field strength of earth, it will be no more effective in the tissues than the background field from that point and farther out.

Schumann Resonances

The Earth’s ionosphere is a very complex electrical system. The polar aurora is active all the time and is regularly measured by Earth-bound magnetometers. It is impossible to know exactly how much ionospheric currents contribute to human exposure versus ground magnetic fields, since they are an interaction and combination of contributions from the horizontal ionospheric currents, field-aligned currents, distant currents in the magnetosphere outside the ionosphere and currents induced in the Earth’s surface.

Because it is very difficult to isolate humans from all the other fields they interact with on the planet, it is not clear what impact the Schumann fields themselves have on humans. It is worth noting that the Schumann frequencies resonate mostly on the same frequency bands that the human brain does. At the least then, they can resonate with (scientifically known as “coupling”) the body’s energies and strongly affect brain wave function. Most of us have experienced heightened sensitivity during lightning storms and even had other physiologic reactions, including aches and pains, or a static charge causing our hair to stand up.


Naturally magnetized rocks in the ground may also produce some added stimulation to our bodies as we come into their fields. Smaller ones are called lodestones. Motion through these fields will add some component of “time-varied field” stimulation to the body.


Besides the geomagnetic fields discussed above, electrical solar energy is continually bombarding us as time-varied fields.


In addition to all the above DC and time-varied influence on us, the Earth is now also bathed in artificial fields created by man, especially within the past 50 years. These include televisions, electric trains, microwave ovens, electrical appliances, wiring of our homes, wireless equipment, radio and television waves, radar, submarine communications networks, computers, medical equipment, our cars and cell phones. Even the radial tires from our cars produce TMFs.

Occupational magnetic field exposures, which can be magnitudes higher than the natural background fields, are present in addition to the previously mentioned sources. The health consequences of these more extreme sources are being studied more frequently now than ever.

As you can imagine, cities have the most EMFs. The Europeans are calling all this EMF activity “electro-smog.” There is increasing interest in finding ways of shielding us individually from this exploding level of “electro-smog.”

There are very few “natural” EMF-free “quiet zone” areas in the USA. One such place in the northeast US is in the Shenandoah Valley area. This is a relatively EMF-free area because the radio telescopes there need to be able to “see” into space without nearby background EMF interference.

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