Providing electromagnetic energy to the cells, reduction of pain or inflammation.

In many cases, when you suffer from acute or chronic pain in consequence of fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoporosis or sports injury, you may be recommended use the pulsed electromagnetic field device (PEMF device) to eliminate or facilitate your discomfort.
Almag-01, Almag-02, Magofon and other PEMF devices are working by providing electromagnetic energy to the cells of the body areas that have pain. It’s well known that PEMF devices can significantly reduce pain and inflammation; they are commonly used to ease acute/chronic pain.
However, if you aren’t experiencing a noticeable reduction of pain or inflammation due use of device, you are probably getting disappointed. The reasons your PEMF device isn’t working might be simple and understanding the cause and correcting it can help you achieve the results that you desire from using your device.


Any devices have the definite course of treatment for each illness. As rule, this course is continuing 18-20 days. If you don’t feel a reduction in pain it could be because you aren’t using your device often enough.
When your doctor prescribes one of these devices, he probably specified the certain amount of time to use it each day. Are you using it as often as he prescribed you?
Keep in mind, if you aren’t using device often enough, the damaged cells may not have the chance to gain the energy that they need to rejuvenate them and make your pain less.


PEMF devices are designed to help rebuild cells and ease your pain. It takes time to feel the results; especially if the tissue that you treat is severely injured. You have to exercise patience. This device will provide you with the pain relief that you need, but if you have heavy damage, it might take more time before you start noticing any improvement.


To provide the intended benefits of PEMF device, it has to be placed in the precise location. If you are not doing it, i.e. placing it directly on sore spot, it’s likely that you aren’t going to notice any improvement. It makes sense that in order to work – the device has to be located directly over the site of the pain in order to repair the injured tissues.
If your PEMF device isn’t providing you with the relief that you think it has to, one of these options could be the reason of the delayed response. Try adjusting your use accordingly, and just for case, talk to your healthcare provider.

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