Scapulohumeral periarthrosis
Frozen periartroz manifested by pain and awkward-Stew in the glenohumeral joint related to the different nature diseases.
It occurs when loads on the shoulder joint, especially of perfect unusual movements (for example, whitewashed ceiling, playing volleyball, etc.). Traumatic joint disease, diabetes diabet, peripheral vascular disease, coronary heart disease, bursitis, periarthritis – all these adverse factors contributes to the development of glenohumeral periarthrosis.
When scapulohumeral periarthrosis common complaints are pain in the shoulder, worse at night, it is time-asymmetry of motion (right-handers), pain in the joints on pressure and movement in it.
A patient with glenohumeral periarthrosis should limit the burden on the affected joint, to make regular medical exercise:

Exercise 1.
Leaning forward, his hands hanging loosely to the floor, which allows under its own gravity to relax the joint capsule.
Exercise 2.
Leaning forward, good arm rests on the chair, the back does not feel stress. Vertically lowered patient with hand-completes the pendulum motion.

After the warm-up exercises and joint hot packs, go to the magnetoacoustic therapy device as MAGOFON.
Under the influence of MAGOFON in the affected area improves microcirculation, increased capillary permeability, improves lymph-Xia, which ultimately normalizes metabolism and restore joint function.
Procedures: the device still installed on the area of ​​the joint and surrounding tissues or make slow circular motion with tightly pressed to the acoustic source of exposure. Field number 1 and number 2 in Figure 6 correspond to the glenohumeral joint of the front and rear. Medical procedures are prodrive once a day.
If periartroz hit both shoulder joints, a single proce-fool the machine alternately act on each joint. At the same time adhere to very strict dosage! Sum of the Marne the procedure should not exceed 30 minutes.

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