A woman is unable to fall asleep due to night terrors

A healthy 8-hour sleep is of paramount importance to everyone. It improves brain functions, conscious mental processes, memory, and concentration, to name a few. What is more, rested people are less exposed to anxiety attacks, depression, and other dangerous conditions. However, there is an ever-increasing tendency towards sleeping disorders nowadays. Whether they are caused by a hectic pace of life, constant stress, or grueling schedules, these conditions prevent us from living normal lives. Of all those, the night terrors sleep disorder is a rare one, yet it should be treated once noticed. Keep reading to find out more about this particular problem.

Night terrors are a disruption of sleep that seems to be similar to nightmares, but they are more severe and harmful. The person who is experiencing those can hurt themselves or someone around. During night terrors, people also can:

If you’ve noticed one or many of these signs, you have to look for the most effective ways of preventing night terrors immediately.

5 Most common reasons for night terrors in adults

A man is sitting in bed and suffering from night disorders

It is clear that when you face this problem, you wonder why it is happening to you. And there’s nothing wrong about looking for the causes to deal with it. For you to know, many factors can lead to night terrors, and the main ones include:

  1. Stressful life events. When stress, anxiety, and depression are involved, your sleeping pattern is likely to be ruined.
  2. Medications. Painkillers and antidepressants impact the nervous system directly, thereby causing damages to your circadian rhythm if not taken carefully.
  3. Sleep deprivation. It weakens your body and mental processes so that you can’t resist terror episodes.
  4. Anesthesia or alcohol overdose. These affect the way our brain operates and, thus, can result in the problems described in this article.
  5. Restless legs syndrome or sleep apnea. They are also among disorders that cause night terrors. The former is characterized by an uncontrollable desire to move legs during sleep, and the latter can be described by brief, repeated breathing interruptions.

The best non-prescription sleep terror disorder treatment

Before purchasing sleep aids like Xanax, Valium, or Ativan, you should find out the roots of the issue. Depending on the reasons that cause your parasomnia, you can benefit from various types of home night terror remedies. Here are the most effective ones:

PEMF therapy as an alternative night terrors treatment option

A rested man is lying on a couch

When you’ve tried different methods, and nothing has helped, give PEMF therapy a try. It is known as a non-invasive procedure that improves sleep by brainwave entrainment. Your nerve cells are stimulated by a special device that produces electromagnetic low-frequency waves, thereby enhancing your sleep pattern. Balancing your bio-energy system and making emotional disorders go away, this method is considered to be an effective cure for night terrors in adults.

An electromagnetic session with the Almag-03 device doesn’t require any drugs, masks, and other tools that are often used when treating sleep disorders. Of all the remedies mentioned above, PEMF therapy is the best at alleviating the symptoms you suffer from as fast as possible. If you are curious about alternative ways of stopping night terrors in adults, or you’d like to buy the device to try it out yourself, don’t hesitate to get in touch with ALMAGIA International®. We are always here to help you make your sleep-wake cycle better.

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