Chronic pain diagnosis with pills and syringes

Nothing is more enervating than chronic pain. It ails you day and night, affecting not only your physical but also mental health. Experiencing never-ending pain makes your life hard, if not unbearable, which is why stacking piles of painkillers on the shelves of your medicine cabinet is normal. Over-the-counter medications, indeed, can help you ease some debilitating symptoms, but they are still far from being natural remedies for chronic pain.

Take Ibuprofen. It is one of the most frequently prescribed NSAIDs used to manage pain, reduce inflammation, and bring down a fever. Statistics show that if you keep Ibuprofen in your medicine cabinet, you’re one of 87% of Americans who choose this medication over other treatments for painkilling purposes.

But if you suffer from chronic pain, you will have to take Ibuprofen for quite a long period. That means you won’t avoid the side effects associated with the long-term use of this NSAID:

As you can see, taking NSAIDs for a long-term treatment can do more harm to you than good. Much like antibiotics, they ruin your gut health and lead to nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation, to name a few most common symptoms of these medications.

NSAIDs are not about natural pain relief. They block painful sensations that you’re experiencing but do that at the expense of your health. Considering this, do you really want to choose the lesser of two evils?

What if there was a treatment to reduce chronic pain without harmful side effects, like those of Ibuprofen or other NSAIDs? Fortunately, the latest medical advances allow you to benefit from such a solution and improve your well-being, regardless of what causes your ailment.

Alternative pain management with the help of PEMF therapy

Device for PEMF therapy

All the efforts channeled into improving natural remedies for chronic pain and making them not only highly effective but also absolutely safe paid off when pulsed electromagnetic field therapy was medically approved. The reason why it is deemed to be such a promising treatment is that it normalizes the functioning of cells in the body by “fine-tuning” the electromagnetic frequencies that it naturally emits. This results in boosting healing processes and maintaining a healthy response to pain triggers without any medical substances.

These days, PEMF therapy is used as an alternative pain relief method more often than ever before since it has no side effects. Plus, it is one of the few treatments that can stimulate and repair anti-inflammatory compounds in your body in a short time.

The best PEMF devices for natural chronic pain relief

If your pain is caused by some form of arthritis, bursitis, epicondylitis, bone fractures, or soft tissue injuries, you should definitely receive PEMF therapy. This is when you may want to use one of the ALMAGIA International® innovative devices:

Make your treatment plan complete

The path that leads to pain relief

No doubt, PEMF therapy is one of the most preferred alternative treatments for chronic pain. But you can make it even more effective by leading a healthy lifestyle. Most doctors out there recommend that you stick to a light exercise routine, lose excess weight, and follow a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

Besides, you can opt for supplements that are known as natural remedies for joint pain. For more tangible effects, you can add calcium, vitamin D, glucosamine, and Boswellia to your treatment plan to get the most out of it. Together with PEMF therapy, these supplements will stimulate your body to fight chronic pain and help you live a healthy life again.

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