– Stimulation of Cellular Immunity in patients with malignant neoplastic diseases in the background of radiation therapy.

During treatment with radiation therapy in patients with malignant tumors the immune system breaks down. In order to enhance cellular immunity and protect cells from damage of radiation therapy PEMF using the Polimag was applied. Inductors were arranged around the trunk so that the maximum exposure was carried out to the lymph nodes. Duration of exposure was for 30-40 minutes, the number of procedures per treatment 12-15.

After a course of treatment white blood cell count increased two-fold by day 15.

It is also observed that application of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field protects cells from cellular damage by improving the metabolic process, availability of repair proteins, detoxification, improved transport of electrolytes across cell membrane and by improved circulation to the region that delivers appropriate nutrients and takes out toxins released by the cells.

PEMF Therapy in Oncology.

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