Cancer is a collective form of the disease which results in the abnormal cells of a patient’s body multiplying in large numbers. This leads to the creation of a tumor which grows over time. 

Cancer is observed to be one of the leading reasons for deaths for a long period. In 2020 alone, around 10 million patients lost their lives while battling cancer. 

It is further observed that the chances of beating cancer are horrifically low, as most of the patients come to know of it before or when at the final stage. 

What are the Stages of Cancer?

There are four main stages of cancer – Stage I, Stage II, Stage III, and Stage IV where the severity of cancer increases after every stage. It is possible to prevent the tumor from growing and removing it if it is diagnosed at an earlier stage than Stage III. Mainly, the cures can be among the following – 

●  Chemotherapy (Treatment by chemicals);

●  Cure by Radiation (Eliminating abnormal cells);

●  Immunotherapy (Improving overall immune system);

●  Surgery (Removing a tumor from the body); or

●  Targeted Therapy (Improving cell health). 

Undergoing these treatments improves patients’ health over time and extends their lifespan without such health consequences. But the problem comes with the elderly or immune-wise weaker persons, who deal with the growing pain of cancer.

For them, a solution is invented known as Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field i.e. PEMF Therapy for Cancer. This therapy was developed to reduce the pain in a way that is not harmful to the skin and the patient’s health. As one knows, cancer is formed by abnormal cells that create tumors; PEMF battles the situation by radiating healthy cells into the patient’s body. 

Three Components – Minerals, Vitamins & Hormones, are vital for cell health and require to be at their prime level. PEMF and cancer therapy is done to optimize the charge to keep the cells in the patient’s body healthy. 

Benefits Of PEMF Therapy for Cancer 

Collectively, the benefits one can get by undergoing PEMF and Cancer therapy are: 

●  Improved Cells health

Undergoing PEMF and cancer treatment restores the health of the body’s working cells, which become weak after the tumor starts growing. 

●  Improved Bones Health

PEMF therapy for cancer comes with a highly-immune radiation treatment, which improves bone health over time.     

●  Reduced Cancer Pain

The therapy helps reduce cancer pain by lowering the inflammation levels and helping the patient counter fewer problems when idle. 

●  Better Blood Circulation

When the treatment results in optimized cell health, they start to function properly at full potential, followed by overall better health and improved blood circulation. 

●  Relaxed Muscles

The therapy aims mostly to improve cell health when the radiation is passed through the skin and muscles. With an immunized ray of light during PEMF therapy cancer, the muscles get relaxed.

What to Expect in PEMF and Cancer Therapy Sessions? 

The therapy sessions might require the patient to stay still for a longer period. However, it is variable depending on the stage and type of cancer. Although, doctors and experts recommend a minimum of 1-hour therapy session for acute conditions. For early stages treatment, the session varies from 15-20 minutes of therapy which is to be done on a regular basis as prescribed. 

Who Should Avoid PEMF Therapy? 

Apart from being useful in reducing cancer pain in patients, it is highly recommended that people listed below search for another form of suitable treatment to maintain their health and avoid some severe consequences of electromagnetic treatment. 

●  Pregnant Ladies;

●  Tuberculosis Patients;

●  Diabetes Patients;

●  If Suffering from viral diseases – COVID-19, HIV/ AIDS, Ebola Virus, etc.;

●  Children under the age of 10;

●  Any kind of Acute Infection in the body. 


Cancer is an emotionally distressing disease which requires not only an immediate cure but also the strong willpower of the patient. It breaks the patients from inside and their families. But, with a determination to beat cancer, every treatment will work at its full potential. Get a PEMF device today for effective treatment.

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