Hypertension treatment

Hypertension also known as high blood pressure is a common condition characterized by the increased force of blood against your artery walls to the extent where it starts hurting your blood vessels and causing serious health problems such as a stroke or heart disease. The number of adults over 25 with raised blood pressure has reached 1 billion in 2008 and continues to rise. What might alarm you even more is the fact that hypertension typically runs without any noticeable symptoms. In the U.S. alone, around 85 million people live with hypertension, though the majority of them don’t even know it and don’t get any treatment for high blood pressure. And this is despite the fact that the condition is very easy to detect.

High blood pressure treatment

What are the signs of hypertension?

What you need to do first is to measure your blood pressure or ask your doctor to do it for you. The reading is given in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg) and has two numbers. The upper one corresponds to the pressure in your arteries during the heartbeat (systolic). The lower number shows the pressure in your arteries in between the beats (diastolic). Here is how to read the measurements:

  • If the monitor shows anything below 120/80 mm Hg, your blood pressure is normal.
  • If your systolic pressure ranges from 120 to 129 mm Hg and diastolic pressure falls below 80 mm Hg, you have elevated BP.
  • If systolic pressure ranges from 130 to 139 mm Hg and diastolic pressure is 80-89 mm Hg, you have stage 1 hypertension.
  • You have stage 2 hypertension if your systolic pressure is 140 mm Hg or higher and your diastolic pressure is 90 mm Hg or higher

It is not enough to measure your BP once to receive an accurate diagnosis and hypertension treatment. Monitor your numbers for at least one week to see the clear picture.

High blood pressure remedies

How to cure high blood pressure?

Prescribed medication is the most popular way to control hypertension in modern medicine. However, you should understand that your lifestyle plays a crucial role in managing your condition. Here are some tried and true natural high blood pressure remedies you can use:

  1. Change your diet
  2. Saturated fat, “bad” cholesterol, and salt are the three enemies of normal BP. Skip the junk food and fill your diet with fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat products. Also, make sure you take enough potassium as it is found to decrease the effect of sodium on BP. A healthy diet is the basic natural treatment for hypertension.

  3. Exercise more
  4. Moderate physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day can lower your BP by 5-8 mm Hg and prevent you from developing hypertension in the first place. So if your BP is currently slightly elevated – it is time to hit the gym. Strength training and HIIT are great, but walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, and dancing will give good results as well.

  5. Quit smoking
  6. A single cigarette can keep blood pressure elevated for about an hour. Dropping the bad habit will reduce the risk of developing hypertension, heart diseases, and bring your BP back to normal.

  7. Cut back on alcohol and caffeine
  8. Moderate amount of alcohol can actually lower your pressure by 4 mm Hg. But having more than one drink a day will do just the opposite. Limit your daily alcohol consumption to no more than 5 ounces of wine or 12 ounces of beer. As for caffeine, it is a natural tonic which means that it is likely to increase your BP. However, only if you drink it rarely. The research has shown that people who drink coffee regularly experience little to no effect on their numbers. Measure your blood pressure within 30 minutes after having a caffeinated drink. If the reading is 5-10 mm Hg higher than usual, you need to cut back.

Try PEMF therapy to treat hypertension

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is the newest natural hypertension treatment you can add to your regimen. A PEMF device “communicates” to your cells using low-frequency waves, sending proximal smooth muscles in the artery wall a signal to relax. As a result, the blood vessels widen, improving the circulation and decreasing BP. However, to achieve such results, you need at least two 30-minute exposures per day which are hard to get in a clinic but are absolutely manageable with a home PEMF device. We recommend to use Almag-01 and Almag-02 for these purposes. Both devices are very effective in treating hypertension in the comfort of your home. Pick one up in Almagia online store for a completely natural high blood pressure treatment. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more details!


ALMAG-2, VERS. 2: Portable PEMF Therapy Device

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