Lyme disease is one of those infections that catch you unawares. Caused by the bacterium from a tick bite, it often goes unnoticed until severe symptoms pop up. You never expect to contract an illness when you’re on a long-awaited getaway with your significant other or having a family picnic. But ticks don’t care about your weekend plans. If you’ve been bitten by one in a high-risk wooded area, you can prevent the illness by seeking immediate medical assistance. But if you haven’t noticed an attached tick and already suffer from flu-like symptoms, you may want to consider electromagnetic treatment for Lyme disease. While antibiotics are your first line of defense against a spirochete, a tick-borne bacterium that leads to Lyme disease, they are unlikely to help if the illness advances. When it becomes chronic, PEMF therapy can be of substantial benefit. Because the bacterium inflicts untold damage to your body, it’s a smart move to use something that can restore it.

5 Reasons to use PEMF for Lyme disease

Before starting magnetic therapy for Lyme disease or undergoing any other treatment, it’s important to get rid of an infected tick In patients with late Lyme disease or complications, PEMF therapy can bring about a far-reaching restorative effect that no antibiotic provides. It can help with a range of symptoms that an individual is currently experiencing, as well as the widespread bacteria-related damage. Specifically, PEMFs are effective in five key areas.

Pain relief

Those afflicted with Lyme disease often report persistent pain. One way to control it is to take opioids prescribed by your doctor. But the snag is that they ease pain at the cost of your immune system strength. When using magnetic therapy for Lyme disease, one can manage their aches without compromising their immune system. PEMFs, like those emitted by Almag-01, reset your body into a “defensive mode” to produce pain-suppressing hormones. They stir up natural, not opioid-based, relief.

Circulation improvement

The mechanism of action of electromagnetic fields allows them to reach all areas of the circulatory system. At lower levels, they are perfect for controlled vasodilation. What does it have to do with PEMF and Lyme disease, you may ask? Vasodilation is all about better blood flow and improved tissue oxygenation. Not only does this help avoid heart problems due to Lyme disease, but increased circulation also speeds up your recovery. Although cardiovascular complications are uncommon with the illness, PEMFs can successfully target them if they occur.

Inflammation reduction

Another reason to use a hand-held device or a PEMF mat for Lyme disease is that low-intensity fields curb the inflammation. Apart from improving blood flow, they help replenish tissues with nutrients. This reduces symptoms, such as joint pain and erythema migrans, and minimizes complications. Inflammation is not a primary sign of Lyme disease. Yet, in some cases, it appears to occur at the brain and liver levels. With irrefutable evidence behind them, PEMFs come up big when reducing inflammation, especially if Almag+ is used. This device comes with an anti-inflammatory mode for superior results.

The cornerstone of successful treatment

By no means should PEMF therapy be considered the only treatment method for Lyme disease. But it can be used to pave the way for other modalities to deliver more enhanced effects than what they would provide without electromagnetic assistance. With PEMF for Lyme disease, you can improve drug absorption and delivery to fight the infection. And it’s not only about antibiotics. If your condition is chronic, and you need to take other medications to repair body damage, PEMFs can add to their effectiveness, too.

Targeted natural effect

Treating Lyme disease is as hard as catching it. The point is that spirochetes are very “watchful”, which allows them to outfox the immune system. They hide in the lymph nodes and cells, going unnoticed for your natural defense mechanisms. PEMFs, however, aid your system in detecting the bacteria more accurately. Electromagnetic treatment for Lyme disease focuses on cell membrane integrity, helping the immune system recognize and eradicate invaders.

Should you get started with PEMF?

Because PEMF therapy is totally painless and safe, even kids can receive electromagnetic treatment for Lyme disease Putting it all together, PEMFs make a great alternative way to augment your body’s defense mechanisms. If you show no contraindications, you can try magnetic therapy for Lyme disease, especially when it’s a late or chronic stage. With Almag-01 and Almag+, you can maximize your doctor-prescribed treatment and benefit from enhanced anti-inflammatory effects. These devices do not use a PEMF mat for Lyme disease but can be easily operated at home. Enjoy the convenience of magnetic therapy!

ALMAG-2, VERS. 2: Portable PEMF Therapy Device


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