Neck pain is a common complaint. About two in three people will experience a type of acute or mild neck pain at some point in their lives. Many cases of neck pain will subside after just a few days. Other cases can last for many weeks or months. Whichever may be the case for you, effective treatments exist to alleviate the pain effectively.

Finding acute or chronic neck pain treatment can be challenging. Our bodies react and behave differently, whilst they also respond in variable ways to different treatments.

Types of Neck Pain

The type of treatment that may be effective for your particular pain will depend on the cause of the pain. The most common examples of conditions that cause neck pain are:

Non-specific neck pain is the most common neck pain diagnosis, as often the cause of the pain is unclear.

Whiplash refers to pain in the neck caused by a jolt to the neck. An individual may suffer from whiplash if they have been involved in an accident. The jolt can often cause the neck ligaments and muscles to stretch or sprain in an abnormal way.

Our daily behavior can lead to stiffness in the muscles or ligaments of the neck, which in turn can often lead to pain.

Neck Pain Treatments

In most cases, neck exercises can help to restore the muscles and ligaments around the localized area of pain. Light stretches can make a significant difference. Painkillers such as full strength Paracetamol can also help in the short-term.

If your pain lasts longer than three days, it may be important to discuss your symptoms with your doctor to find an unknown underlying cause of the pain (with devices).

On consultation with your doctor, you may find that chiropractor neck pain treatment is effective for conditions where pressure is placed on nerves in the neck. Magnetic therapy can also help to sooth pain.

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