All of us may have pain in the neck due to overexertion or continuous physical stress. Not in every case, however, this discomfort goes away after taking a rest. If it seems like pangs are here to stay, limiting your range of motion and causing cramping, you should seek medical assistance at short notice. Spinal cord compression is one of the most frequently diagnosed neck pain causes, and it’s no laughing matter. Learn more about this cervical condition to be better aware of how to get rid of it.

Spinal cord compression accounts for different types of neck pain. Depending on its severity and what lies behind it, you may experience either soreness when turning your head, pins and needles, or both. Basically, this condition involves everything that puts pressure on your spinal nerves – from age-related bone deterioration to osteoarthritis and back injuries.

Determining what compresses your cord is the first thing to do before receiving the right neck pain treatment. Your range of symptoms will help do that. The thing is, having acute sensations that radiate down your spine and suffering from soreness only during movement can be indicative of different problems.

Regular neck pain exercises can be a boon

If your symptoms are caused by a back injury or poor posture, try to stick to a basic exercise regimen. Your physical therapy for neck pain may include:

Your physical therapist may also advise you to wear back braces and use an adjustable chair. In combination with adequate neck pain relief exercises, these can help reduce spinal cord compression and ease muscle strains. You better avoid lifting super-heavy stuff while receiving physical therapy not to aggravate your condition.

Are neck pain relief medications worth it?

Whether you need to take pills to alleviate discomfort in your neck depends not only on the severity of your symptoms but the roots they come from. When your cartilage is broken down, or if you’re diagnosed with some disease (like meningitis), medications can’t be disregarded. In this case, your treatment plan calls for something more than just doing exercises.

To fix neck pain caused by far-from-mild diseases, you may be given NSAIDs and oral corticosteroids. If swelling or urinary incontinence are also among your symptoms, your doctor is likely to prescribe steroid injections.

Alternative ways of neck pain management

Those who are not good with traditional therapy can try massage. If you suffer from short-term pain, this can ease or even stop it. Massage is perfect for stiff muscles and joints to lessen compression on spinal nerves. Having a few sessions a week can bring astonishing results for your neck health if this kind of therapy is not contraindicated for you.

To target pressure points and relieve aching muscles, you can also go for acupuncture. This one is a complementary neck pain therapy that holds promise for pinched nerves and related burning sensations. With holistic stimulation techniques, acupuncture can soothe them and reduce swelling.

Can PEMF therapy be used for neck pain treatment?

When seeking a second opinion about your treatment plan, you may often be offered PEMF stimulation – and for a good reason. As it’s non-invasive and medication-free, this therapy is the #1 choice for many patients. A lot of clinical studies have already reaffirmed its effectiveness in pain relief, neck discomfort in particular. According to research, PEMF stimulation contributes to the range of motion, mobility, and overall well-being of patients with cervical osteoarthritis and a myriad of other musculoskeletal diseases.

PEMF therapy is provided using a handheld, easy-to-carry machine that emits low-level electromagnetic charges through coils. However, not all devices are created equal. Not only may they vary in the design, but they may also be indicated for different conditions.

Here at ALMAGIA International®, you can opt for the “MAGOFON” device that proves its effectiveness for treating bone problems, joint stiffness, arthritis, deforming osteoarthritis, and pain caused by injuries. Thanks to the combination of the low-frequency alternating magnetic field and vibroacoustic oscillations, this device can help you to get rid of your neck pain once and for all. Unlike it, Almag-03 (DIAMAG) is intended for the treatment of chronic cerebral ischemia, osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, and related disorders.

All of these devices can help with neck pain, yet you should be careful in choosing the best one for your case!

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