Multiple sclerosis treatment and diagnosis

In the U.S., the number of people who struggle against multiple sclerosis (MS) increases year by year with hundreds of Americans being diagnosed with that potentially disabling disease weekly. In most cases, they find themselves sinking into the depth of despair because there is still no way of curing MS. All those tons of pills are prescribed not to treat but slow down the progression of MS, avoid outbreaks, and relieve symptoms. Thus, this comes as no surprise that physicians are looking for alternative therapies for multiple sclerosis to root the problem out rather than to deal with its consequences. For this particular aim, PEMF may be the most effective, drug-free solution.

Multiple sclerosis causes and symptoms

In the simplest terms, multiple sclerosis is an incurable chronic disease that affects the individual’s central nervous system. It leads to severe damages to the myelin sheath, a kind of a protective layer wrapping around nerve fibers. When this covering is damaged, many neurological problems are to be expected due to slow nerve impulses.

Studies have shown that MS may be influenced by a bazillion factors, including hormonal, viral, environmental, nutritional, and genetic ones. There is also some scientific evidence demonstrating that it is closely correlated with sun exposure. So far, multiple sclerosis causes are still unknown leaving physicians all at sea on how to help patients with the disease. That is why it all comes down to the symptomatic treatment and managing physical conditions associated with it.

As for MS symptoms, no single range appears in all cases. They vary from patient to patient and depend on the severity of myelin sheath damage. Therefore, the disease may manifest itself in the following ways:

If left untreated for a long time, these symptoms may become worse in their severity and lead to further complications, including:

With all these issues in mind, it is of utmost importance to find the holistic way of multiple sclerosis treatment – the way that will help patients both physically and mentally with no placebo effects involved. This is when the PEMF therapy comes into play.

Alternative multiple sclerosis therapy to stop MS

PEMF as an alternative multiple sclerosis therapy

PEMF stands for the pulsed electromagnetic field that can be effectively used for MS treatment. In plain English, this therapy is based on energy pulses which penetrate deep into the body to speed up natural healing of tissues, bones, and even organs. Medically, it is a non-invasive treatment option that works directly on the damaged areas and affects flows of charged ions through cell membranes.

As of today, there is growing evidence for the potential of the PEMF therapy when it comes to getting rid of MS symptoms. Even though it is not a complete cure, this way of treatment may greatly help you with disorders related to the disease. Low-intensity and high-intensity PEMFs encourage your body to heal itself through natural mechanisms and get protection against relapses for a long time.

What is beyond doubt is that the PEMF therapy brings relief with no risk of severe side effects, unlike common treatment methods. Traditionally, MS patients are prescribed with corticosteroids or receive a plasma exchange therapy to manage sudden flare-ups.
However, these ways of treatment are often accompanied by such adverse effects as fever, chills, muscle cramps, insomnia, high blood pressure, water retention, urticaria, etc.

By contrast, if patients undergo the multiple sclerosis therapy that is based on PEMFs, they will not experience any of those secondary effects. The thing is that the magnetic field treatment minimizes the risk of disorder relapses and doesn’t weaken the patient’s immune system. So, it remains strong enough to protect the body and ward off dangerous organisms.

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Healthier way to beat multiple sclerosis

The PEMF-based multiple sclerosis treatment plan can be provided with other medications along the way. It has no known drug interactions and proves to be more effective when patients are exercising and sticking to some well-balanced diets.

Even though it doesn’t interfere with drug treatment, you should keep your doctor informed about your plans to undergo magnetic field therapy. In this case, he/she will be able to help you choose the right PEMF device.

Or, you can rely on ALMAGIA International®. We are always ready to provide you with some useful pointers on how to treat multiple sclerosis wits PEMFs!

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