Epicondylitis – inflammation of the tissue in the tendon attachment to the bone. Occurs with enhanced physical activity, microtrauma, inflammation of the joint.
The disease most often affects people engaged in physical labor, especially agricultural workers, athletes.
Epicondylitis is pain in the joints moving and probing doctor along the affected tendon. Epicondylitis elbow tendons can accompany ulnar neuritis. But with the defeat of Achilles tendon pain occurs when stepped on the heel and sole of bending – so-called “heel spurs.”
In the event of illness for a few days rest is recommended in the affected joint. Of physical therapy conducted in the home, an important place magnetoacoustic therapy with MAGOFON. Under the action of the instrument abates pain resolves edema, improves microcirculation, kitty lorodnotransportnaya blood function, metabolism. All this leads to the elimination of inflammation and speed up recovery of the normal function of the joint.
Procedures: the device still installed on the elbow. In a “heel spur” device is placed on the working surface of the floor up, put on her heel and make slow movements, capturing and acoustic emitter, and the source of the magnetic field. Procedures are carried out once a day.

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