Fracture – a solution of continuity of the structure of the bone tissue.

The most common cause of fractures is injuries, but sometimes they can appear on the background of various diseases of bone. Fractures are open and closed, with or without displacement. The fracture is most often seen intense pain and deformation of the fracture. It appears the swelling of the tissues.

When magnetoacoustic effects MAGOFON device on the fracture swelling of tissues, improves circulation, accelerates bone regeneration. Application of the device speeds up the time of treatment of the fracture and reduces the rehabilitation period, promotes the formation of callus, increasing the strength of connective tissue. The most pronounced effect of the MAGOFON use, observed in complex fractures.

Procedures: treatment unit will start on the third day of the injury. Exposure to spend a plaster cast, setting the machine still on the cast over the fracture site, as well as the fracture after the cast is removed. Procedures are performed every day. In the case of compound fracture requiring prolonged traction and immobilization, held 30-40 days following treatment.

The treatment of fractures in children 2 to 5 years of the time of exposure should be reduced by 1/3 of the time specified in the table. For example, if the time required for the procedure – 6 minutes, the time of exposure for children is 4 minutes.

Procedures’ term for children under 5 years of age is the same as for adults.

The device can conduct short courses in the fracture when changing weather, colds.

Note: The presence of bone metal spokes is not a contraindication for the procedure.

For the method of treatment in detail, read the Operating Manual.

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