Cervicitis, Endometrium, Oophoritis (adnexitis) Menstrual cycle disorders, Tubal infertility

MAGOFON treatment started after subacute and in remission in chronic disease course. With the progression of suppurative process application MAGOFON contraindicated.

Violations of the menstrual cycle in which shows the application Magofon are algomenoreya (menstrual dysfunction, manifested in cramping or aching pain in the abdomen, in the lumbar and sacral areas radiating to the thighs, accompanied by general malaise), juvenile bleeding.

Magofon used for the treatment of tubal infertility, emerged amid earlier after inflammation in the epididymis, causing pipes become impassable to form adhesions, or saktosalpingsa – dense inflammatory pipes.

Conducted on the impact of the lower abdomen (the projection of female genital mutilation and the fallopian tubes to the abdominal wall). Exposure time and number of sessions are given in the user manual.

To consolidate the progress of therapeutic effects and prevention of exacerbations in the case of the chronic form of the disease or to continue the treatment of severe and chronic diseases should be repeated treatment by MAGOFON 30 – 40 days after the first treatment course, just once a day.

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