With injuries to the tendons, ligaments and muscles that do not require urgent surgical intervention, in the first 20-30 minutes is recommended to cool the injury with ice or cold water.

Treatment by MAGOFON device should begin within 12 hours of the injury. Treatment is performed once a day.

If the injury was more than day ago, it’s not required to apply the cold. The treatment is also carried out once a day.

In the case of an injury of the ligaments or muscles hard and had emergency surgery (sutures or cast to limit movement), the treatment by MAGOFON is carried out on the day after the delivery of medical care, even if the injured ligament or muscle stitches. The impact can be carried out through the bandage, including gypsum. In this case, the device only affects the magnetic field, since the vibration and acoustic vibrations through the plaster does not pass.

Depending on the size of ​​the injured area, MAGOFON set still or commit  arbitrary smooth movements.

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