When you are diagnosed with an incurable disease, and no one can explain the exact cause of it, this is definitely a bitter blow. Needless to say, diabetes is one of those diseases. A bunch of metabolic disorders, scientifically known as diabetes mellitus, will never go away, so you have no other choice but to accept it and join millions of Americans who are struggling to move on. Unfortunately, diabetic joint pain and other complications that occur along the way may close the door to a happy life. And they may be too severe to tolerate unless you know which treatment to turn to.

What is diabetic pain?

Depending on the insulin problem, you may be diagnosed with gestational diabetes or that of type 1 or type 2. No matter the modality, though, your body will be unable to use glucose properly, meaning that it will fail to fuel the brain and channel the much-needed energy into your tissues and muscles.

Hence, diabetes can damage vital organs, increase the risk of heart attack, and cause erectile dysfunction in men, not to mention a cascade of typical symptoms, like fatigue, excessive thirst, irritability, etc. What is worse is that long-term complications of having too much blood sugar can lead to chronic pain in limbs and joints. It is caused by diabetic neuropathy, a condition that occurs when excess sugar damages blood vessels and nerves.

How to cure diabetic foot pain?

Man is suffering from pain in his foot

Once the effects of diabetes develop to the extent when neuropathy occurs, you may start experiencing numbness, tingling, or burning sensations in your feet. If left without proper treatment, these sensations will gradually worsen, spreading upwards and causing pain. The consequences of doing nothing about that may be not only disabling but even life-threatening, which is why you must see your doctor as soon as the early signs of neuropathy are noticed.

Always follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations on how to help ease diabetic foot pain. The standard treatment involves the use of prescription medications, yet they are not always effective for relieving sensations that accompany nerve damage. If you’ve been taking pills for a while, but tingling in your feet hasn’t gone away, consider giving alternative treatments a try.

Here are natural remedies for diabetic nerve pain that may help you lower your blood sugar level and manage neuropathy:

Meet the game-changing magnet therapy for diabetes

There’s no more effective way to manage diabetic joint pain and numbness in feet than to rely on a combination of natural remedies and PEMF therapy. The latter uses electromagnetic frequencies which are adjusted to your body to normalize the functioning of cells.

As a diabetic who is suffering from neuropathy, you can benefit from the PEMF treatment by:

If you feel little to no effect when treating pain with prescription medications, get one of our PEMF devices. Our flagship products Almag-2 and Almag+ will fit the bill for people with diabetes of any type, and it’s also recommended for neuropathy. It’s designed to make your life with diabetes easier!

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