MAGICAL «MAVIT» – MASSAGE, MAGNETIC FIELD AND HEAT PROSTATE – Pemf devices in USAAs the one the famous film heroine said, “While we’re talking, women may do their business”. At least, those women who don’t have a prostate – one of the most paradoxical organs. An organ whose tiny size does not coincide with its huge importance for men

Firstly, the prostate is responsible for the success of the world-famous erectile function, otherwise known as the copulative. So, without a healthy prostate, as they say, not here and not there.

And if only that… This gland hovers over some bad luck, forcing itself to wear out faster than the rest of the body. Moreover, the risk of illness continuously gets younger: recently doctors have recommended the mandatory testing after 50 years of age; it is now very often the urologist’s patients are 30-40 years old and younger. For example, our youngest purchaser of MAVIT was guy 24 years old.

What’s the trouble in most cases?


Inflammation of the prostate, bacterial and non-bacterial, acute and chronic. The disease is complex and insidious, its treatment is a big problem for doctors around the world. Prostatitis (especially chronic prostatitis) is considered one of the most common urinary tract inflammation’s, imagine prostatitis affects about 75% of men. Three out of four!


It is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). The most frequent disease in the elderly men and symptoms appear from the age of 30. Itself it’s not dangerous, but the growing of the gland may block all the channels and ducts, to which it’s overreaching out. BPH starting and then picking up, except the discomfort, the problems with urination, fraught, and very serious diseases throughout the genitourinary system such as prostatovesiculitis, erectile dysfunction etc..



Just like is written in the title: HEAT, MASSAGE, PULSE MAGNETIC FIELD

These three agents in combination affect the prostate magically. The magnetic field removes inflammation, increases blood flow, and improves blood circulation. The prostate massage eliminates stagnation in small pelvic. Finally, the heating gradually evaporates BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), causing tissue to liberate the occupied territories. First of all, so-called lower urinary tract leads to the elimination of all the uncomfortable effects.

MAVIT treatment is well with medication, enhancing the effect of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs.

What is the effect of the application?

After treatment, the device reduces pain, improves urination, restores and enhances erections. Almost all patients reported comfort and high efficiency of the procedures carried out with the MAVIT device.

New modification of MAVIT proposed to ELAMED has a sleep probe timer – some patients fall asleep during the procedure due to the anesthetic and sedative effect of device. Changed the direction of vibration: in the old MAVIT it worked longitudinal axis of the probe, in the new MAVIT, the cross has a more pronounced effect of the massage on the prostate, but the process still remains painless.

Tests performed at the clinic of the Ryazan State Medical University (where the device was designed) showed two thirds of the patients who were given the unit said “good”, and one third said “excellent.”

Almost half of the prostatitis and BPH owners hesitate to see a doctor and get helpful procedures, particularly prostate massage. With the MAVIT this problem no longer exists.

By the way, MAVIT is the only device that treats prostatitis in the setting of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia).


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