How PEMF Therapy impacts Professional, Olympic and Recreational AthletesA number of clinical and experimental studies have proven that physical activity will lengthen our life expectancy and provide a certain amount of protection from chronic and age related diseases. Every sport we perform includes physical activity, but not all forms of sports correspond to the natural movements of the body. Repeated movements that are unnatural to our physiology will cause deterioration and injury. While striving toward personal peak performance, sports often leads to physical taxation and exertion.

Intensive training and insufficient regeneration lead to high acidity and to ‘over training’.

The result is decreased performance and a higher chance for injuries. Thousands of people per year experience serious sporting accidents in professional training or recreation, including torn muscles, pulled tendons, dislocated joints and broken bones.

This often results in time out from training or missing work. In addition, continued misuse or over-use of certain joints and muscles due to the injury of others can lead to chronic illness like many different kinds of joint complaints.

Effects of Pulsed-Electromagnetic Field Therapy.

Bioelectricity and electromagnetism form the basis of all life. Metabolism, growth, regeneration, healing, etc. are produced and regulated by electromagnetic mechanisms.

The electromagnetic potential of the nerve and muscle activity and their secondary metabolic and energetic effects are fundamentally essential for a healthy metabolism.

Healthy tissue structures can only be formed and upheld in the presence of sufficient electromagnetic activity.

PEMF Therapy induces a wide-band electromagnetic field with an intensity matching that of natural biological systems, and thus improves the energy level without any side effects. Through a multitude of physiological processes, like improved circulation, increased oxygen partial pressure in the blood, antirheumatic and anti-swelling effects, as well as activation of the synthesis of certain proteins, the body’s natural healing and regeneration powers are increased by at least 30%. Quick regeneration has become one of the deciding factors in sports competitions today, where a fraction of a second can matter.

PEMF Therapy before and after athletic activities provides the following advantages for the athlete:

1. Highest possible performance, through activation of the cell metabolism.

2. Optimum preparation for training and competition, through energy conserving warm up.

3. Decreased risk for injuries, through improved blood circulation in the muscles.

4. Faster healing of sport related injuries.

5. Prevention of long-term injury effects.

In every sport a good warm up is the prerequisite for top performance and reduces risk for injuries. At the same time though, it costs the athlete valuable energy. Therapy warms the muscle tissue and activates metabolism. Therefore, the warm up can be reduced to a minimum, and the saved energy is available for competition itself.

By using PEMF Therapy traumatized tissue and edema get reduced significantly faster. Especially that of the muscles, hardening of the muscle tissue is prevented and/or decreased. This reduces incidents of torn muscles and ligaments, and other related injuries. Due to this increased synthesis of repair proteins a faster healing process is achieved helping prevent sport related disabilities and chronic conditions.

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