Magnetic therapy in osteochondrosis – a special physiotherapy technique based on the effect of magnetic fields on the human body and recommended for use in the medical purposes.

During the treatment with the magnet is stimulation of blood circulation, improve supply of cells with nutrients and oxygen (provided that they are contained in the blood in adequate quantities), and the rapid elimination of toxins.

It should be noted that the method of magnetic therapy has been known to mankind since the days of ancient times, however, with the advent of medicinal drugs, this method was abandoned. Magnetic therapy reopened in the middle of the last century in the space research, which showed that occurs in the human body, when he was only a short time is in the area of ​​Earth’s magnetic field. At the same time, advancing the effect of improving blood circulation and intensive blood hemoglobin oxygen release as a constant, and in an alternating magnetic field.

What is the effect on PEMF

Specialists studying PEMF, noted that with the correct application of the magnets on the ground impact or significantly improved energy meridians of the body condition. The magnetic field affects not only the physical, but also the psycho-emotional state of the patient.

The nervous system is very sensitive to the action of magnets. Due to the magnetic field is eliminated chronic pain, accelerated blood flow, there is a vasodilator effect and normalizes blood coagulation.

Magnetic therapy in osteochondrosis

Magnetic therapy is a technique that has found its wide application in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It should be noted that it is virtually no contraindications. In the treatment of degenerative disc disease magnets used not only in conjunction with other conservative therapeutic modalities, but also as independent medical procedure.

During magnets quickly docked pain in the tissues surrounding the affected vertebral body, decreases swelling and restored normal mobility.

Under the influence of low-frequency magnetic field is vasodilatation (in the impact zone), decreases blood viscosity, and improves gas exchange and nutrition of damaged tissues, as well as there is an anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effect.

It should be noted that the magneto osteochondrosis can be used both in remission (as maintenance therapy) and in exacerbation process.

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