In contrast to people, animals do not fall victim to the so-called “placebo-effect.” Animals act unbiased and intuitively. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy has been used to treat animals successfully for many years. The results are often astounding even after short treatment periods.

Today horses, dogs, cats and even cows undergo prophylactic treatments with PEMF Therapies in modern barns. A multitude of clinical studies has proven the effectiveness of PEMF treatments for a variety of indications.

Almagia PEMF Lounge is pleased to announce that we will be carrying the ALMAG-02 system for our equine customers. We encourage anyone interested in utilizing this technology for their animals to come in for a free treatment so that they can experience first-hand the therapeutic effects this therapy has to offer.

Fore more information or to purchase this ALMAG-02 system with 79 programs, please contact us at

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