Due to the millions of new cases every year, cancer remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide. The studies suggested that over 1.9 million new cases will be diagnosed in the United States in 2022, with over 609,360 deaths caused by cancer in the same year.

While science and technology continue to advance, developing the right treatments for cancer remains challenging. But still, some temporary things, like magnetic therapy for cancer, provide people relief for a short period. 

In this blog, we will talk about the potential of magnetic therapy for cancer. 

What do you mean by magnetic therapy? 

We all know that there are currently no known cures for cancer. The most common treatment for the disease involves surgical removal of cancerous tissue. 

But now, alternative treatments for cancer, like magnetic therapy, often aim to remove cancerous cells while minimizing invasiveness and preventing any harm to the immune system. 

The concept of magnetic therapy involves any application of an external magnetic field to the human body to bring about physiological changes and boost health. This can appear in varying forms, most commonly as static field magnetic therapy. 

Magnetic therapy benefits

  1. Pain Relief

The most frequently cited benefit of magnetic therapy is pain reduction. Due to this, people are now going crazy for the fantastic jewelry and bracelets.

People always ask whether magnetic bracelets are effective. However, there isn’t much proof that magnets can indeed influence pain in any manner, although some research indicates that using static field magnetic therapy could be able to lessen fibromyalgia-related pain sensations.

  1. Insomnia

Surprisingly, insomnia is a widespread problem. Even though getting too little sleep can make you physically exhausted, sleeping poorly or for long periods can cause significant physical, mental, and emotional problems.

According to a study on insomniac patients, impulse magnetic field therapy may help alleviate symptoms and promote restful sleep. According to the study’s findings, 70% of the patients who underwent active treatment had improved ratings. This included fewer daytime headaches, focus problems, daytime sleepiness, and tiredness after waking up. 

  1. Cancer

According to experts, magnetic therapy may play a role in reducing cancer cells.The person injected with cancer cells showed reduced tumor size when exposed to magnetic fields. The magnet exposure inhibited tumor growth and caused cancer cell death via apoptosis.

How are magnets and cancer interlinked?

With the ongoing studies, professionals have looked into how magnets may be applied to cancer treatment. So if they crack the code, the advantage would be very high, as there will be minimal invasiveness. There would be no surgical procedures involved or lengthy recovery periods. 

Most importantly magnetic therapy would reduce harm to healthy tissue surrounding tumors. Traditional surgery for removing tumors often requires at least some removal of healthy tissue to ensure the complete removal of cancerous cells. 

What is magnetic hyperthermia?

There are numerous methods for heating, including steam water, and radiation (i.e. infrared, electromagnetic, microwaves, and ultrasound). In some clinical protocols today, magnetic hyperthermia therapy is utilized as adjuvant therapy for cancer treatment because it enhances the cytotoxic effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Through the power absorption of magnetic nanoparticles, magnetic hyperthermia therapy attempts to induce local heating by magnetically mediated heating of low-frequency electromagnetic waves. 

This method is one of the most crucial methods for using low electromagnetic radiation to create local heating. Some difficulties include controlling variables, including energy output, selectivity, and localization while limiting injury to healthy tissues.


As we know, magnetic therapy for cancer is not a permanent cure, but if you want some therapy to increase the chances of treatment, you can go for magnetic therapy. 
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