PEMF therapy is a non-surgical treatment that is growing rapidly these days. Despite its increasing prevalence in health clinics, there are many myths about PEMF therapy. The myths create much confusion when it comes to buying a PEMF therapy machine or going for therapy.  

This article will debunk the myths and state the facts that will help you make the right decision.

PEMF Therapy Myths and Facts

PEMF therapy is dangerous

There are many people out there who think that PMEF therapy is dangerous due to its electromagnetic energy. But this is not the fact.

Electromagnetic energy presented in the therapy is not hazardous to health. According to the FDA, PEMF therapy is also one of the safest and most effective forms of therapy, with no risk of bruising or electrocuting.

It is also a unique therapy with no side effects. It is very useful for relieving pain, arthritis, depression, and chronic illness.

PEMF Therapy is an old therapy

PEMF therapy devices got an upgrade with technology and time, but their fundamentals were developed over 100 years ago. This therapy came into people’s eyes in the middle of the 1900s. In the 1970s, it was used for people and animals. 

Moreover, it comes with a strong history of safety and efficiency, and now people are taking this therapy as an effective way to treat several health issues.

High-intensity PEMFs are bad for you

Many people think that PEMF therapy machines with high intensity are dangerous for your health. But this is not the fact. According to scientific facts and a lot of research, it has been clear that using high-intensity PEMF machines solves many problems. With the high intensity of the machine, its safety level increases.

Only high-intensity PEMFs work

Most people think that if they are getting PEMF therapy with high intensity, that will be effective for them only. But sometimes, according to the needs of people’s bodies or the range of health problems, therapy with lower intensity and medium strength also works effectively.

Healing only comes with specific settings

This is one of the common myths people hear about PEMF therapy devices: these machines are only effective if specific settings are used. 

But this is just a myth, as we all know that all humans and their bodies are different from each other. Due to this, their weight composition and personal needs differ. 

PEMF therapy will react differently with different bodies, and some degree of experimentation is frequently necessary to find the settings that best fit your goals.

Specific PEMF waveforms are effective

Every PEMF machine has a specific waveform, but sometimes the waveform is less vital than the amount of charge in the body. However, every machine manufacturer specially designs the waveform to provide a certain amount of charge to the body. So it is not true that a specific waveform is effective as every range of it is efficient in producing the charge.

PEMF machines can only be used for a limited time

The manufacturer of PEMF machines provides a specific time frame to use PEMF therapy within. Every company claims its mechanism in its products.

Despite what some companies would have to say, there are numerous ways to use PEMF therapy, including a single 20–60-minute session each day, or even longer, depending on individual comfort levels and desired outcomes.


There are an endless number of myths and facts that people talk about PEMF therapy. However, most of them are without evidence or a reputable source. So, before trying on any of the myths, check it out with a reliable source. At Almagia International, we provide PEMF therapy machines with all the information and support sources. To learn more about therapy machines, visit our website.

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