Healthy lungs bolster the most reliable line of defense against airborne diseases. When they function in an unobstructed manner, they nip any respiratory illness in the bud or, better yet, protect you from being affected in the first place.

However, with staggering air pollution levels and today’s unhealthy lifestyles, it is our lungs that bear the brunt. This (especially if aggravated by smoking) makes it easier for viruses or bacteria to get inside and eventually cause a respiratory airway disease – be it asthma, COPD, or bronchitis. All these inflict harm to the lungs, their lining, and tubes.

Most often, your doctor will tell you that you need to go for meds to recover from a respiratory illness. But is this type of treatment worth it? Does it make any sense to intoxicate your body with medications when your condition – say bronchitis – is at its early stage?

Stay tuned as we dig deeper to reveal the answers you’ve been waiting for.

What are the symptoms of bronchitis and how can you reduce them with PEMF?

As we breathe, the air gets into the trachea and then goes down to the bronchial tubes. They serve as connecting passages that transmit it in and out of the lungs. But when they become inflamed by viruses, bacteria, smoking-related irritants, or other common bronchitis causes, these tubes get narrow. Nothing but an array of symptoms should be expected thereafter:

  • Coughing. No doubt, barking cough is the hallmark one for all bronchitis patients. It comes with colored mucus and the distressing feeling as if your chest is tightening. This is where bronchitis may resemble, though, should not be confused with pneumonia.
  • Trouble breathing. When airways are inflamed and constricted, you may also have a fever and, most likely, difficulty breathing. Like other symptoms of respiratory diseases, these can cause damage to not only your lungs but also other organs.
  • Lethargy. The signs, such as the lack of air in the lungs and fever, will not leave without a trace. They can lead to gradually worsening symptoms, like loss of appetite, headaches, and general weakness, to name a few.

So, what about PEMF therapy for all these symptoms? First, it works differently from antibiotics, cough suppressants, and other medications used to treat bronchitis. Despite being effective for reducing fevers and throat-rupturing sensations, they don’t do anything to repair your bronchial tubes that suffer most. But PEMF does.

By encompassing the health benefits of the Earth’s energy, pulsed electromagnetic fields are central to maintaining optimum well-being. More importantly, they can change things in the treatment of different types of respiratory diseases, including bronchitis. When a person who has breathing difficulties is regularly “charged” with healthy energy, his or her cells get stronger. That means they positively impact this patient’s immunity, reduce inflammation, and repair damage to the lung tissue. And if your condition involves out-of-whack bronchial tubes, such a reinvigorating effect on your cells can put them back in working order faster.

How to start bronchitis treatment with adequate cellular upkeep?

Components of the Almag-02 PEMF device used for various types of respiratory diseases

The healing process in the lung tissue and cells is not an overnight one. It takes some time to recharge your body’s natural energy by stimulating it at the initial level with PEMF therapy. So, the sooner you begin your treatment, the faster you can overcome bronchitis and related symptoms.

To get started, you can go a holistic way with Almag-02, a device marketed by ALMAGIA International®. The health benefits it offers for patients with respiratory system illnesses, including chronic bronchitis, run the gamut from:

  • improving cell permeability by means of horizontally traveling magnetic fields
  • helping the lung tissue get back to its best
  • normalizing the air intake process
  • making the immune system more resistant to viruses and bacteria
  • fighting inflammation and treating bronchospasms
  • improving tissue oxygenation and circulation
  • reducing the frequency of spells of tiredness

Almag-02 is unique in how many conditions it can be used for. But if you’re considering it for your PEMF-based treatment for bronchitis, switch program 20 for the right setup.

Electromagnetic fields have no known harmful effects, which is why this device can benefit your recovery experience with short-lasting stimulation. Just turn it on, place it as described in the manual, and let the Earth’s energy do its job for a while. Repeat for 15 consecutive days for the best healing results.

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