In recent months, we have been receiving a lot of complaints that the ELAMED devices brought from Russia, do not work with any converters. In Russia they worked, but in USA stopped working. The majority of the complaints concern the top-selling item of our devices – ALMAG – 01.

Dear friends! In in reality we do not warranty product that were purchased other than 110V, because we are only responsible for PEMF devices sold by our Company which, we will gladly service if it is still has warranty (1 year warranty against factory defect). But out of humanity, let us explain.

Devices for 220 volts now produce on the microprocessors and cannot run if not maintained frequency, 50 Hz. The converter changes the voltage but frequency stays 60 Hz and that’s the problem.

If the frequency is different from 50 Hz, a voltage is applied to the cup, so the light is on. But do not form a clear impetus as it should and is a chaotic signal, where it is weak, but somewhere a strong common diagnosis device – it is not fulfilling its therapeutic functions.

Therefore, on the cups and the LEDs – power is not enough to ignite them.

Devices that come to us, are made specifically for the U.S., have the North American voltage and frequency, they never go out of order and work for many years. These are the real American devices!

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