Prolonged cases of pain and inflammation are a leading cause of restricted living for millions. In much simpler terms, it takes away their freedom to do things that they desire to do the most.

In the 21st century, most people have understood the shortcomings of medication in treating certain medical conditions. Body pain and inflammation are among such conditions that require more of therapy and less of medication. Therapy is increasingly is being opted due to the absence of side-effects and the increasing number of success stories.

Magnetic therapy a.k.a magnet therapy is one such alternative medical treatment that has evolved to become a strongly sought-after therapy to alleviate pain and other health concerns in the last few decades. The magnetic therapy such as almag 01 magnet therapy utilizes the Travelling Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (tPEMF) to alter a person’s bioenergetic fields to penetrate into the skin and heal the damaged organs. The application of magnetic field regenerates the injured cells and produces anti-stress action. It enhances the enzyme kinetics which essentially means an improvement in the flow of vital enzymes due to the supply of energy by the magnetic field to cause a reduction in pain and relief from inflammation.

In the recent times, the global sale of therapeutic magnets, such as almag 01 magnet therapy, has witnessed a boost. According to BBC, their annual sale is estimated to be around $1billion which itself is a testimony of its advantages.

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