Cell phones emit high-frequency electromagnetic radiation. There’ve been concerns raised about how often and how long cell phones are placed against the head. Extended use may be associated with increased risk of brain tumors. However, other tissues in the body such as the testes may actually be more sensitive to cell phone PEMF’s. Cell phone fields, because of their frequency and intensity, are prone to increasing temperature in tissues close to where they are used. Even cell phones that are at rest are emitting signals as they constantly monitor the airwaves for a signal. When placed close to the testes, such as in a pocket or on the hip, cell phones have been found to be associated with reduced sperm motility and concentration. This seemed to be more associated with length of time in the proximity of the testes.

Animal and laboratory studies seem to support the same hypothesis. Obviously, animals are not the same as humans. So, clearly more work needs to be done in humans to establish whether there is a concern. In addition, further work needs to be done to determine whether any adverse effects that may have already happened can be reversed. My belief is that, allowing enough time, testicular function will return on removing cell phones from the pelvic area.
Other research indicates that therapeutic PEMF’s may actually improve sperm function. These beneficial PEMF’s are much lower intensity and frequency, than cell phone PEMF’s. For men, with low functioning sperm, including low motility and count, therapeutic PEMFs, using systems such as those reviewed on our website may actually improve fertility.

In another related blog post (PEMFs and infertility), I reviewed the non-RF research effects on infertility.
To conclude, not all magnetic fields are detrimental to male fertility. However, appropriate care needs to be followed with the carrying cell phones near the pelvic area.

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