BURSITISAny movement of the bones, ligaments and tendons to each other in the joints accompanied by friction. However, this is mitigated by the friction of a liquid which is filled with periarticular bursa. Bursitis – inflammation of the bursa – usually occurs when an excessive load on the joints or the joint for a long time under tension or pressure.

The causes of bursitis joints
Usually arthritis due to its improper or excessive “use.” Bursitis can also occur due to trauma or periarticular bags surrounding tendons. The cause of bursitis can become repetitive physical stress, such as beating of the game of golf. The disease, known as “lap maid” or “water in the knee” – is an inflammation of the bursa from kneeling during cleaning. Other possible causes – arthritis and gout – causes inflammation of the joints and tendons throughout the body, respectively, may involve bursa. Such damage may be associated with reduced joint mobility, redness, swelling and occasionally fever in the joint.
Bursitis occurs most often in the shoulder joint, as it has the largest amount of movement of all major joints of the human body. Pain is felt on the outside of the shoulder. A little less affected elbow, hip, knee, ankle and wrist.
The main complication of bursitis – infection. Since the bursa is often found just under the skin, the infection can be caused by various bacteria that penetrate through the damaged or diseased skin over the joint. Such cases require antibiotics.

Symptoms of bursitis

– Pain, inflammation and swelling in the joints, especially in tension or kneading during training exercises
– Limited range of motion, accompanied by a sharp pain or without
– Redness of the skin and a local temperature rise over the area of ​​the joint.

What you can do

Use as little as possible when moving the affected joint, let inflammation subside. If struck by the elbow, make elastic bandage on his hand to prevent joint movement to relax.
The alternation of hot and cold compresses can ease the pain.
To reduce the pain and inflammation can be used without a prescription anti-inflammatory drugs.
When the acute pain subsides, start to make easy movement in the joint, gradually increasing their volume.

Bursitis treatment of ELAMED’s devices.

Coil Inductors are placed along the projection abnormality. Treatment time 20 minutes. Carrying out the procedure 2 times a day. The treatment course of 15-20 procedures.

Conduct impact on the joints and surrounding tissues, setting the device still or making slow circular motion with tightly pressed to the acoustic source of exposure. Method of treatment, refer to the manual.

Thermocouple or thermocouples are applied to the area of ​​the affected joint and surrounding tissue. Exposure time of 20-40 minutes. Procedures are carried out 2 times a day. The course of treatment is 15-20 procedures.

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