Not until the half gone of the 20th century was there a name for a disorder that at present appears to influence an estimated 4 out of every 1,000 children ages 3-10, a disorder that causes disturbance to parents and unfulfilled lives for countable amount of children. Research study in 2009 suggests autism has affected every 1 in 110 children globally.

The latest trend to dodge the barriers of this incurable disorder still up to a certain degree comes with a cutting edge electromagnetic technology called as PEMF therapy. Let’s have a deep look about what this is all about and how our products positively impacts in autism

Energy plays an important role in the form of ATP to fulfill the cell tasks. To produce ATP cells require nutrients and oxygen. The re-absorption of these inputs and the disposal of waste products can be controlled by electromagnetic energy. PEMF uses electromagnetic energy to effect cell behavior by inducing electromagnetic changes inside and around the cell.

By improving blood supply we can increase the oxygen pressure, activation and regeneration of cells specially neurons. On the other hand increased calcium transport enhances the growth and repair of cartilage while at the same time reduces pain. It is a well-known fact that disturbances in blood circulation and in metabolism open gates to development of diseases. That’s why electromagnetic energizing of the body can be used for a wide range of usages to prevent and heal diseases meaning to say a body full of energy is healthy and fit.

Structural differences in the neurons of the brains contribute to the symptoms of autism. In one research performed by the National Neuroscience Institute (NNI), autistic patients showed considerably reduced symptoms of sensory overload, hyperactivity and repetitive behaviors at the end of the PEMF therapy session. Another aspect that the study revealed was that treatment did not reduce areas of Giftedness that are normally present in high-functional autism whereas primary results manifested a great deal of promise in lowering the severity of symptoms that are most upsetting like depression and sensory overload.

Not only for Autism, PEMF is extremely effective for Fracture healing, Osteoporosis, Stress reduction, maintaining Health and Fitness, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Sport injuries and other neurological disorders like Aphasia and Dysgraphia. Keep in mind, PEMF Therapy is effective only if the electromagnetic signal is strong enough in penetrating deep into the cells and bones. Our PEMF products generate low PEMF intensities causing no side effect whatsoever in the cells, otherwise could do a gradual harm to your cells and finally to your body. Sinusoidal waveform is the most effective waveform which can manifest its optimal effects only if it is combined with sufficient speed of magnetic induction. An easy way to identify the difference between PEMF machines is by how many ‘Tesla per pulse’ it generates. More Tesla means more power! High Power devices like the PEMF8000 range up to milliTesla per pulse while low Power devices range up to micro-Tesla per pulse normally 1000 times low intense generator which is used for Autistic treatments. . Since each person responds a bit different to the same pulsing frequencies, remember that tPEMF will be more effective to you if applied with various different frequencies within the therapy session. To learn more about our ALMAG-01 product refer

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