PEMF therapy has proven itself to increase cognitive abilities in people with autism as well as improve blood circulation, and boost immune system. There have been numerous cases of PEMF therapy where children were able to focus better, be happier, behaved more appropriately and became calmer.

Energy runs all through our body. Every cell in our body has both a positive and negative charge. Our body moves in mirror, yet opposite images of itself. For instance try and walk with your right arm and leg moving at the same time in the same direction. Almost impossible when you try it. That’s the positive and negative I was speaking about.

We are discovering more and more about the value of PEMF therapy when treating diseases that were thought to be not treatable. When dealing with chronic neurological issues, the way to treat these problems have been with drugs that come with side effects, or opting to live with the pain because of the side effects. Neither choice is very good and their quality of life definitely suffers.

Almag-02 and Polimag-02 PEMF devices has also been shown to be helpful in the treatment of Autism.

The new Diamag has just been released, a transcranial PEMF device. This cutting edge technology can be used together to help treat Autism and has been known to help people treat Alcoholism as well.

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