APPLICATIONS IN SPORTS MEDICINEOne of the most topical issues of modern sports medicine – the use of non-drug rehabilitation in post-traumatic athletes recover from training and competition, as well as increase efficiency. Strict anti-doping restrictions imposed by the International Olympic Committee, forcing professionals to seek an alternative medicine.

Such an alternative would be to use physical therapy methods. One of the most modern and effective methods of physiotherapy is magnetic therapy. Today magnetotherapeutic treatments reached a qualitatively new level of development. These achievements are associated with the creation of a series of devices magnetotherapeutic “Almag 01″ developed through the study of the most biologically active frequency characteristics of magnetic fields and designing inductors capable of purposeful action of a magnetic field to the appropriate authority.

Mechanism magneto impact caused variety of effects (or at excessive peak loads in the sport), there is intensification of inhibitory processes in the central nervous system; relaxing when exposed to the influence of segmental spinal area that provides high-quality recovery period in a shorter time. An improvement of general hemodynamics and segmental blood flow in a combination of different types of magnetic field, with an improvement in microcirculation, increased trans capillary exchange effect on blood rheology and structural parameters of erythrocytes, expressed decongestant, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. The device “Almag 01″ improved the quality and efficiency of practical sports medicine.

Application inductor series devices “Almag 01″ in sports medicine helps:
– Recovery of biological rhythms after crossing time zones;
– Removal of stress load before and after the event;
– Improve efficiency;
– Reduce the period of rehabilitation after injury.

The device “Almag 01″ were not only testing, but also practically tested in sports medicine. Wide range of indications and high efficiency make these devices indispensable in sports medicine.

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