Anyone with a penis unable to achieve or sustain an erection is said to have erectile dysfunction (ED). The reason for ED determines the course of treatment. It could involve prescription drugs, vacuum equipment, or surgery. However, ED may also benefit from dietary adjustments and other natural remedies.

For ED, there are numerous male erectile disorder treatments available. They can involve lifestyle adjustments like changing your food, exercising, and undergoing relationship or mental health counseling.

Natural Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

  1. Diet

A balanced diet is beneficial for male erectile disorder treatment. Men who maintained more closely to a Mediterranean diet or the Alternative Healthy Eating diet had a lower risk of developing ED, according to a 2020 Trusted Source. They mainly ate:

In men between 18 and 40, consuming more fruits, vegetables, and flavonoids reduced the risk of ED.

It’s a win-win because these nutrients are crucial for maintaining or enhancing your health and sexual performance.

  1. Exercise

Physical exercise can help male erectile disorder treatment, according to research. If your ED is increased by diseases such as obesity, inactivity, or cardiovascular disease, for example, it might be beneficial.

ED was found to be reduced by moderate-to-intense aerobic exercise performed four times per week for six months, for a total of 40 minutes each day. It includes exercises like:

Exercise can assist with ED because it increases testosterone levels, reduces stress, and improves blood vessel health.

  1. Sleep

You must get adequate sleep each night for your health. Regular sleep is beneficial for male erectile disorder treatment. According to a 2017 study, males working night shifts reported poorer sleep quality were more likely to develop ED.

Additionally, research published in 2019 showed that those with sleep disorders were more likely to get ED. Another source of a higher risk of ED has been associated with obstructive sleep apnea.

Your testosterone levels can decrease if you don’t get enough sleep, which could lead to ED. Chronic sleep deprivation is linked to ED-related diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

  1. Weight loss

Weight may also play a role in ED. The prevalence of ED was much higher in men who were obese, overweight, or had a bigger waist circumference, according to studies from the year 2020. If your ED is caused by weight, losing and improving your ED is possible with exercise and a healthy diet.

  1. Psychotherapy

ED can occasionally be the result of both psychological and physical problems. These could include sexual trauma, religious convictions, and failure-related anxiety.

Emotional discomfort and low self-esteem are two additional mental health conditions that can develop as a result of ED and make it worse. These problems may be addressed through therapy.

When combined with ED medications, psychological treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) were very helpful. Interventions in mental health may also be successful, although more research is required.

  1. Stress reduction

ED is associated with stress and anxiety. In addition to worry and sadness, stress was one of the significant predictors of ED. According to the study, persistent stress may reduce testosterone levels or result in sleep deprivation, both of which may be linked to ED.

A 2014 study discovered that compared to ED medication alone, an 8-week stress management program was as beneficial for male erectile disorder treatment.

  1. Alcohol reduction

The effects of alcohol on ED have been studied with varying degrees of success. A lower risk of ED was linked to drinking alcohol in moderation. 

People with alcohol dependence syndrome experience sexual dysfunction, including ED. Alcohol use has also been linked to an increased risk of ED, according to research from 2020.

  1. Smoking cessation

Another behavior that probably contributes to ED is smoking. Smoking can harm blood vessels and prevent enough blood from getting to the penis to cause an erection, which may contribute to this.

Smoking may also decrease the body’s ability to produce nitric oxide, which is necessary for the involuntary relaxing of muscles and increased blood flow that contributes to erections.

Although giving up smoking is difficult, numerous services are available to support you. Quitting smoking may assist with male erectile disorder treatment and improve many other aspects of your general health.


A lifestyle change can be efficient for male erectile disorder treatment and benefit your general health. But other adjustments, like burning fat, quitting smoking, or eating a healthy diet, could be challenging.

Natural remedies could also take some time to work. Some individuals may not experience improvements without medication or other therapy, depending on the underlying reason for their ED. Working with your doctor to find a treatment that is effective for you is beneficial.
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