In the field of cosmetology, technological advancements have opened up new possibilities for enhancing the effectiveness and satisfaction of various procedures. One such innovation is the Almag-03 (magnetotherapy device), marketed under the trademark Diamag. 


In this report, we present the four different tasks to validate the impact of Almag-03.  


Evaluation of Compatibility with Cosmetology Procedures


The first task was to determine the compatibility of the Almag-03 with different cosmetology procedures.


Through extensive research and observations, it has been found that the Almag-03 device is compatible with several injection methods, including mesotherapy, revitalization, contouring with hyaluronic acid-based fillers, Plasmolifting, and thread lifting. 


Furthermore, it is also compatible with various hardware rejuvenation methods such as RF-lifting, IPL therapy, SMAS-lifting, and aesthetic correction of the face using superficial peels.


Assessment of Effectiveness


The second task was to evaluate the effectiveness of the Almag-03 device. The experts conducted procedures using the device before the cosmetology manipulations. This pre-programed mode lasted for 20 minutes, after which the cosmetologist performed the planned procedure. 


The client feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many reporting psychological calmness, reduced anxiety, fear, and irritability. Clients also noted a heightened sense of relaxation. 


Additionally, according to the cosmetologist, they observed positive physiological effects, including normalized blood pressure and heart rate.


The Almag-03 device also demonstrated an analgesic effect, particularly when combined with external anesthetics before the procedure. Thus, the Almag-03 device can enhance the overall experience of cosmetology procedures, improving patient satisfaction.


Evaluation of Economic Benefits for Salons


The third task is to evaluate the economic benefits of salons in the highly competitive cosmetology market. As per the assessment, it is revealed that incorporating the Almag-03 physiotherapy device for preparatory and preventive purposes can significantly increase the efficiency and quality of medical services provided by a cosmetology center. 


By offering these additional services, cosmetologists can build trust with their clients, instill confidence in the attending physicians, and reduce patient fears surrounding manipulations.


Client Reactions and Feedback


The report’s fourth and most important task is to go through the evaluation. The cosmetologist closely monitored the reactions of clients who underwent the combined procedures involving the Almag-03, a magnetotherapy device. 


They are pleased to report that all patients who had previously received injection techniques expressed surprise at the effectiveness of the Almag-03 device as a preparation for the procedure. 


Additionally, they provided positive assessments of its overall impact. Not a single side effect or adverse reaction was reported from the physiotherapy procedures carried out using the Almag-03 device. This signifies its safety and reliability in a cosmetology setting.




In conclusion, evaluating the Almag-03, magnetotherapy device in cosmetology procedures has revealed promising results. The compatibility of the device with various injection and hardware methods, coupled with its demonstrated effectiveness and positive client reactions, make it a valuable tool for cosmetologists. 


Furthermore, the economic benefits of incorporating the Almag-03 device into the practice can lead to increased client retention and attraction, ultimately contributing to the growth of a cosmetology center.


Thus, based on the findings, experts recommend using the Almag-03 magnetotherapy device in the work of cosmetologists. The Almag-03 device has the potential to become an invaluable asset in the field of cosmetology, elevating the quality of services provided and ensuring greater customer satisfaction.


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